Tenerife Info

Here we provide a few facts about Tenerife and Canary Islands.

Many have heard about the Canary Islands but not everyone knows that Tenerife is the largest and the most populated island. It has the best infrastructure, amazing development, and many climate zones. The population on this island is nearly 1 mil. and that is around 43% of the total Canary Islands population.

Here are a few facts about the Canary Islands that you have to know, see below:
  • the territory is an autonomous territory of Spain and it is in European Union;
  • in Spanish it is called Islas Canarias and informally called also the Canaries;
  • located around 100 km (62 miles) West from Morocco;
  • there are 8 main islands and many smaller ones;
  • the islands have subtropical climate but it varies depending on a location and elevation;
  • the capital is shared between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria;
  • Tenerife is called “Island of Eternal Spring”;
  • the average temperature is 18-24 C in winter and 24-28 C in summer;
  • highest peak Teide is 3718 m above sea level and it is the third-largest volcano on the planet Earth;
  • there are over 67 (around 41 miles) km of beaches;
  • Tenerife has cultural sites, museums, sports, nature parks and entertainment, nightlife, relaxing areas and many more that they can offer to tourists.